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Welcome to JP Music Academy in Pakenham, your premier destination for Piano and Guitar lessons!

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-Struggling to modivate your kids and teens to learn an instrument?

-Have you tried learning from youtube or online apps and not progressing?

-Receive lesson notes each week to help assist the student with their progress and practice.

-Belt & Badge Grading: Collect coloured Guitar straps or badges to represent what level the student is on.

"Hey there! I'm James Peden, and I'm the founder of JP Music Academy. I created this academy to offer fun and engaging music lessons for kids and teens. My goal is to inspire them to pick up an instrument and learn how to play!


We have two unique programs at the studio, called Guitar Ninjas and Keyboard Superstars.


These programs are designed with 9 levels, each with different tasks that students can achieve as they progress. It's a great way to keep them motivated and excited about their musical journey. What's even more exciting is that we offer these programs not just at our studio, but also in local schools. That way, students can conveniently attend classes without worrying about transportation.


So if you're looking for guitar or piano lessons that will truly inspire your child or teen to practice and improve, look no further! Come try one of our programs today!"

-Levels designed to engage and motivate students to learn and practice
-Learn your favourite song
-Learn in a fun group environment
- Access to Videos online to support your practices at home
- 9 Levels to encourage students complete tasks and songs
-Practice Champion +
Student of the Term awards
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James is a thorough professional and is popular with kids. My son goes to his Keyboard lessons and is making good progress. What I love about these sessions is the structured learning approach. His method of making keyboard practice fun and mimicking gaming style of learning is quite unique. I also get immediate feedback on my son's progress in the class and homework for the week in a structured email which is of great help. I highly recommend his classes for all age groups!


James is great and very patient. My teenage son started as a beginner and in a couple of terms is doing really well. James is really good at finding music that the student is interested in.


My son started lesson with JP sounds music school and initially didn’t want to practice that much but after a few one on one lessons he plays every day. I would really recommend his sound school.

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