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Keyboard Superstars is created by James Peden from JP Music. The program contains 9 levels. 

The program consists of teaching from the Young Progressive Piano/ Keyboard Books 1 to 3, Alfred's Piano Beginners books and Piano Fiesta Online Course. 

The student will be given a pack that will contain a checklist that they will cross off. When passing a level they will receive a certificate and badge to put on their lanyard to represent what level they are on.

As the student progresses they will be able to select songs that they would like to learn. For example; Disney, Movie Songs, Pop Songs, Classical Songs, and more.

There are currently 2 booklet levels of Keyboard Superstars that contain music theory, scales, chords, and so much more to help the student become a confident musician. 

Every time a student passes a level they will receive a certificate and then a badge to represent what level they are on. 

One lucky student will be picked each term out of the program. The student that was been working hard practicing and showing a lot of progress will be selected to win the award Student of the Term. 

At the end of each year, students will be able to use raffle tickets to claim prizes. The raffle tickets will be given to students as rewards throughout the program. 
Prizes that are up for grabs are Piano Accessories and Music Store Vouchers. 

Book Now to be part of the program:

Here at JP Music Academy we have 2 courses in our lessons including Keyboard Superstars and Piano Fiesta.

Keyboard Superstars created by James Peden is a 9 level course where students can complete songs and tasks to complete their level. Students will receive a piano lanyard and badges to represent the level they are on. The course includes how to read music, music theory, chords, arpeggios, scales, music symbols, music games and more.

Piano Fiesta is an online course where students can learn songs along with a backing track. The student will learn this song and play along with the other students in the group. 

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