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Good NIght- Lyrics & Music by James Peden

Born- New Zealand / Lives in Melbourne Australia

Recorded by James Peden

Mixed by Spaceman 1981

Vocals, Keyboards, Programming- James Peden

Guitars and Backing vocals Spaceman 1981

Released by Pur Zynth Rekords

Release date Friday 26th April

GOOD NIGHT (6).png

Good Night" is an adventurous synthwave and dance anthem, written by James Peden and featuring the talents of Spaceman 1981 on mixing, guitars, and backing vocals. It tells the tale of a tumultuous relationship riddled with misunderstandings, where every night feels like it could be the last. The electrifying combination of pulsing synths and infectious beats will take you on a thrilling journey through love's trials and tribulations. Don't miss out on experiencing "Good Night" for yourself!

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Good Night (5).png

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