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by James Peden - Guitar Ninjas Pakenham

The first question I would like to ask is are you buying a Guitar to get started and see how you go with it or are you looking for an instrument that will feel and sound great and will see you through a lifetime? 

Growing up my Dad always purchased the best musical instruments. I still have instruments that he purchased in the early 90s I still have today. 

When it comes to buying an instrument like a guitar if you spend a budget price you are going to get what you paid for. I own a guitar for over $1500. What would be the difference if I played that guitar or a $100 guitar?

Firstly you will notice the quality of the parts used on the guitar. The more expensive guitar the better the wood and materials they use. I own a Maton and Cole Clark guitar and they are made out of wood from trees in Australia. I have used these guitars probably 1000s of times to play at home and on stage over the years. 

If I played a cheaper guitar it wouldn't probably suit my purpose as I needed an instrument that is quality for performing and recording. 

When deciding on the price point of a guitar the more you spend you will notice the guitar is more comfortable to play, the sound will be better, and the qulaity of parts used. 

There are many brands and price points. If you are wanting to see if playing the Guitar is for you then $100 to $200 is a good start. You will find Valencia and Ashton are the top 2 guitars for beginners. If you wanted to go the next step up in quality then go for a Yamaha or Fender/ Squier.

Then the next question would be would you want to plug the guitar into an amplifier or sound system? What style of guitar would you want to start on? Classical, Acoustic or Electric. 

A key thing to take note of is that a nylon string guitar (classical) will be easier on the fingers for beginners, Electric Guitar I'd say a medium feel on the fingers, and Acoustic Steel String guitar will take longer to get used to as the strings will make your fingers more tender at the start of playing. 


Anything that you learn in the lessons you can play on any guitar. Each guitar has it's purpose for what you want to achieve. If you want to play with effects then Electric Guitar is the answer. If like to pick notes and strum chords like Ed Sheeran then an acoustic guitar is for you. 

The main point is all guitars will take time for your fingers to get used to when first start out. The more practice that you do the easier and more comfortable your fingers will feel when playing the guitar. 

It comes down to how much you want to spend and what would you like to do with the guitar in the future. Start with something to get you by and upgrade later. Or start on something great that will be more comfortable and better sounding, perfect for performing and recording. 

Here is a guide of guitars to shop for:

Begineers- Nylon String (Classical)




Intermediate- Steel String or Electric


Fender Squier



Pro- Steel String



Cole Clark

Pro- Electric





Do you want to play on a keyboard that feels like a real piano or would you like a keyboard with many sounds and beats to choose from.

The difference is are you shopping for a Digital Piano or a Keyboard?

Keyboards: Recommended

Yamaha PSRE373 (use these in the studio and schools)

Want something with better quality beats and sounds try these PSRE473 or SX600.

Here is a guide of Keyboard can purchase:

Digital Piano- 88 Keys with weighted keys.

Yamaha P Series are the entry level.

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